Subharmonic, Polyrhythmic Synthesis Toolkit

Our flagship product. Craft rich harmonic soundscapes, powerful chords, and evocative harmonies. Explore deep polyrhythmic patterns and melodies that evolve over time. Move from gentle analog saturation to unrelenting distortion. Carve out dynamic articulations ranging from percussive stabs and punchy leads to lush pads and fluid drones. You never know exactly what you're going to get with Substation. Unleash your creativity, and let the inspiration flow.

Substation Modules


Complex Evolving Patterns

The brains of Substation. Combine four rhythm dividers in the routing grid to create to create deep patterns and grooves along three sequencer tracks. With Substation, rhythmic possibilities are endless.

Polyrhythm Sequencer


Shimmering Subharmonic Chords

If the PolyRhythm Sequencer is the brains of Substation, the Sub-Oscillator is its heart. Three phase-distortion oscillators combine to build thick soundscapes, powerful chords, and earth-shattering bass.

LP4 Filter

Fat and Juicy Filtering

Sculpt your sounds, emphasize harmonics, and pump up the resonance with this 4-pole low pass filter. Advanced circuit-simulation techniques emulate the character of a classic transistor ladder filter while staying light on CPU.

LP4 Filter

…And More

Substation for VCV Rack also comes with a number of additional support modules that create a complete subharmonic, poly-rhythmic synthesis toolkit.

Use them on their own, or pair with your favorite VCV Rack modules to unleash your creativity.


A Clock Generator for triggering and synchronizing other modules.


A Quantizer with support for diatonic and chromatic scales using Just Intonation or Equal Temperament.


A chainable Saturating Mixer that can add anything from gentle analog saturation to crushing distortion.


A Filter+ expander adding resonance modulation and more filter types.


Dual AD Envelopes with a unique retriggering mechanism that creates even more poly-rhythm.


A slim VCA for shaping sounds.


Blank Panels to decorate your patches.

Video review by Jakub Ciupinski


  • Clock

    • 20 BPM to 720 BPM tempo
    • Additional clock multiplier
    • Can be synchronized
  • Polyrhythm Sequencer

    • Four clock dividers
    • Routing matrix with configurable logic
    • Three sequencer tracks
    • Configurable output range
    • Supports portable sequencer format
  • Quantizer

    • Just intonation or equal temperament
    • 8-step diatonic or 12-step chromatic scale
    • Optional transposition
    • Polyphonic
  • Sub-Oscillator

    • Primary oscillator plus two detuned subharmonic oscillators
    • Selectable waveforms: saw, square, combo
    • Phase-distortion synthesis
    • Subharmonic self-modulation
    • Pulse width modulation
  • Saturating Mixer

    • Analog-emulated saturation
    • Chain multiple mixers
    • Individual channel modulation
  • Envelopes

    • Exponential attack-decay
    • Dual generators
    • Attack phase retrigger suppression
  • LP4 Filter

    • Non-linear four-pole 24db per octave lowpass
    • Analog circuit emulation
    • Sine wave self-resonance
    • Polyphonic
    • Low CPU usage
    • Expander module adding more filter types
  • VCA

    • Linear voltage-controlled amplifier
  • Blanks

    • 4HP and 7HP panels

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