Substation v1.2.1

Released 2021-02-28

The first update to Substation, v1.2.1 adds a new expander module providing more filter functionality, additional sequence management tools for PolySeq, and some general quality-of-life improvements.

  • Added new Filter+ module:
    • Expander module for LP4 Filter
    • Allows CV control of filter resonance
    • Adds additional filter types: 2-pole lowpass, 4-pole bandpass, 2-pole bandpass
  • Added new sequence management features to PolyRhythm Sequencer:
    • Added options to context menu for saving and restoring state
    • Added option to context menu to make reset button restore saved state
    • Implemented portable sequence format
    • Reorganized context menu
  • UI changes to LP4 Filter:
    • Added indicators that display connection to expander modules
    • Added context menu option for automatically adding an expander module
  • Added spacebar hotkey to Clock for stopping and starting clock.
  • Changed layout of VCA to better match other modules
  • Minor UI change to Quantizer
  • Various bugfixes and performance improvements in all modules

Substation v1.1.0

Released 2021-01-24

Initial public release!