VCA Outline VCA Outline Outline


A standard linear voltage-controlled amplifier with CV level control, output level knob, and signal level meter.

Connect the CV input to one of the ENV outputs on Envelopes to shape sounds, or to an LFO to slowly modulate the level.


  • LEVEL Knob

    Sets the overall output level of the amplifier, from 0% to 100%. Non-linear, roughly quadratic.


  • CV Input

    Linearly modulates the output level. 0V corresponds to 0% and +10V to 100%; negative voltages are treated as 0%, not inverted.

    CV INPUT: 0V to +10V

  • IN Polyphonic Input

    The input signal.

    CV / AUDIO INPUT: -5V to +5V

  • OUT Polyphonic Output

    The output signal, obtained by multiplying the input signal by the gain amount derived from the LEVEL knob and the CV input. Outputs the same number of polyphonic channels as IN.

    CV / AUDIO OUTPUT: -5V to +5V

Signal Flow Diagram

VCA Diagram VCA Diagram