Substation for VCV Rack was created by Coriander V. Pines, dba Slime Child Audio. All designs, user interfaces, software implementations, and supplementary material are copyright © 2020 Coriander V. Pines. All rights reserved.

Substation would not exist without the generous work of Andrew Belt and the rest of the VCV team. Support VCV Rack development by purchasing this product through the VCV Library.

I am hugely grateful for the members of the VCV Rack community who were kind enough offer their help and support during development, particularly:

I owe the mathematical foundations of this plugin to Stefano D’Angelo, Vesa Välimäki, Jussi Pekonen, Victor Lazzarini, Joseph Timoney, Jari Kleimola, Antti Huovilainen, Paolo Prandoni, and Martin Vetterli. Thank you for making your research available to all, free of cost.

Additional thanks to Lauren Merriman for her support while I took this plugin from concept to prototype to publication. I couldn't have done it without you.