Substation for VCV Rack

Hello Substation users, it's been a while! Slime Child Audio is proud to announce another free update for Substation: v2.2.3 adds support for VCV Rack 2.0 (Free and Pro), along with some new features commonly requested by users.

Substation v2.2.3

Rack 2.0 Compatibility

This update adds support for the hotly-anticipated VCV Rack 2.0, including support for DAW integration with Rack Pro. All future updates to Substation will require Rack 2.0, and will not support earlier versions of Rack. However, we will continue to make Substation v1.2.1 available for any users that wish to remain on Rack 1.0.

The update can be obtained from within VCV Rack 2.0 once it is released, or downloaded from

New Quantizer Scales

By popular demand, the Quantizer module now has the option to use either Major or Natural Minor scales.

Relative Sub-Oscillator Detune

You can now configure the Sub-Oscillator detune knob to use either Hz or cents. When using cents mode, the exact detune amount is dependent on the absolute frequency of each oscillator.

Filter Quality Settings

LP4 Filter now provides the option to configure the filter quality. While the difference between quality settings is inaudible in most cases, a higher level can help reduce distortion when self-modulating resonance and cutoff.

General Improvements

All modules received various small bugfixes, UI polishes, and performance improvements. Install size, RAM, and CPU usage have been further reduced since the previous version!

What's Next?

Keep an eye out for the following in the future:

  • A new plugin is in the works: a super flexible reverb toolkit featuring a granular pitch shift / reverb / delay designer, a customizable diffusion network, and a hybrid compressor / envelope processor.
  • The full source code for Substation will be released in January, 2022.
  • A few more plugins are in the design stage: a hybrid waveshaping synth toolkit, algorithmic composition modules, and a few more secret plugins.
  • We'll be releasing The Slime Report, a summary of Substation sales and development costs, in 2022.
  • VST / AU ports of select modules are in the works.

As always, please send us all the amazing things you are making with Substation, and let us know if you'd like them featured on the website!

Looking forward to many more updates to come,
Coriander V. Pines
Slime Child Audio